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The Luke2Project is a faith-based organization that aims to spread the message of Christ to reach the lost one non-believer at a time. The concept is simple. Wear a Luke2 shirt to promote the gospel and start Christ-centered conversations.

The Luke2Project is a community.

We are inspired by truth, encouragement and discipleship. We are built by servants, just like you, who share the Message of Christ to the entire world.

The Luke2Project empowers ministry partners across the globe to help us multiply the hope that we can bring to others just by wearing a shirt.

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We love the simple idea of wearing the shirts to spread the gospel in a season where it is often overlooked.


The Luke2Project unified our staff, it gave us an easy way to share the Gospel.

Pastor Bob

The people love it and embrace the mission as a practical way to share the Faith in a non-offensive way.


The shirts are a great outreach opportunity.

Join the movement of believers in wearing Luke2Project shirts this Christmas season...

We have a growing network of churches, schools, and organizations who have committed to do a Luke2Project campaign. Contact us today to learn about how you can begin a campaign.

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Luke2Project is 100% donor funded.

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