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The Luke2Project – Starting Christ-centered conversations

Evangelistic Conversations

We began the Luke2Project with the mission of prompting Christ-centered, evangelistic conversations by providing Christians with t-shirts and gear. The concept is simple: wear Luke2Project t-shirts throughout the Christmas season (beginning with Black Friday, which we call BRITE Friday) and be ready for the Holy Spirit to open doors for conversation about the true meaning of Christmas.

We noticed something common in our culture that we hoped to capture and use instead for a ministry purpose — how normal it is for people to represent their favorite team, sport, hobby, organization by wearing its gear. And how much people self-identify and bond with each other by seeing this. We began to brainstorm – what if Christians set aside the Christmas season to intentionally wear shirts and gear that represented their faith and started conversations about the true meaning of Christmas?

We hope and pray that by believers wearing their Luke2Project shirts around their communities, people will take notice, conversations will start, and people will be impacted for Jesus. Even if no words are exchanged, we trust that when people see the t-shirts it will plant a seed in someone’s mind about the true meaning of Christmas.

Our prayer is that churches, Christian groups, schools, and organizations will catch the vision and an international movement for Christ will begin each year at Christmas.

It’s as simple as starting conversations and letting the Holy Spirit do the rest.

Our hope is that the Luke2Project will be a simple but effective catalyst for believers to share the good news about Jesus in their everyday lives, and that by wearing Luke2Project shirts around, millions of conversations will start.

Some conversations will be internal,

held in the minds of those who see your shirt, while some will take place between the party of the people observing the shirt, and some will be directly with you.

Some conversations will be with other believers,

who may be excited to talk to you about their shared faith, which will be a great opportunity to encourage them in their walk with Christ.

Some conversations will be with people who used to follow Jesus

and have walked away. We pray this could be a seed in bringing them back to faith with the help of the Holy Spirit, or it will interrupt their life with what has been missing.

Some conversations will be with people who don’t follow Jesus yet.

We hope the shirt and its message will plant a seed, providing God an opportunity to make it grow. And of course, if people don’t want to talk, don’t be discouraged! Remember: the Holy Spirit does amazing work through non-verbal conversations.

How We Started

The idea that is now the Luke2Poject came about on Super Bowl weekend February 2015.  As a lifetime New England Patriots fan, I naturally was proudly wearing my Patriot logo apparel all weekend long.  I currently live in Las Vegas where we have a collection of people from all parts of the country.  If you’ve ever worn your team’s apparel in the midst of people from all different parts of the country, you know how many conversations it starts, multiply those by 10 for a big game like the Super Bowl.  People walking by say go Patriots, good luck, like the shirt, what do you think about the game, and then on the other side are some negative comments not worth repeating

My final stop the Saturday before the big game was an ice cream shop close to home.  A Seattle Seahawks fan, the Patriots opponent the next day, was there as well.  We ended up having a cordial conversation about the game and wished each other well.  It was soon after that conversation, that I felt a nudging from God.  “Christmas is my Super Bowl, imagine if every Christ follower humbly wore Christian apparel regularly during the Christmas season, how many conversations would be started about me?”

It stuck with me and I decided to test it the Saturday before Easter.  I wore a shirt with big wording Jesus Strong on the front.  My first stop was taking my daughter out to breakfast.  I didn’t regularly wear shirts confessing my faith and I was a little uncomfortable.  The very first words out of the hostesses mouth was “love the shirt.”  It was great encouragement from God and it felt awesome because I also knew all the people who made no comments also saw the shirt and were being reminded that tomorrow – Easter – isn’t simply about egg hunts and a big feast with family and friends, the reason for the holiday is we are celebrating our risen Savior, Jesus Christ.  My prayer was families sitting in the restaurant might turn and say to each other, are we going to Church tomorrow?

Later that day came God’s greatest confirmation.  As an assistant coach on my son’s baseball team, I wore the shirt to practice.  Again, at first, I was really uncomfortable, but prayer and the Holy Spirit pushed me through and God delivered.  I was catching balls near home plate and I could hear the only two parents in the stands having an in-depth conversation on their feelings on God, church, and different experiences on the role church played in their upbringing.

So, I ask you, if every Christian wears a Luke2 shirt starting on Brite Friday and regularly throughout the month of December, to the movies, mall, restaurants, etcetera.. how much good work will the Holy Spirit be able to do with all the seeds being planted?  I promise you everyone who sees your Luke2 shirts will have a conversation, the majority held in their own minds, or with the party they are with, and every once in a while, with you.

Fun Fact

Did you know when Tim Tebow wrote John 3:16 under his eyes back in the BCS Championship game in 2009, an estimated 93 million people searched the verse.  I ask you, if all Christ followers, all over the world join the Luke2Project – how many people will do a quick Luke2 Google search on their phone?  We’ll let the Holy Spirit take it from there.

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