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We make it simple for you to join the movement with other believers across the country!

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  • Be billboards for Christ in your community
  • Participate in Brite Friday
  • Invite your community to your Christmas worship services
  • Label your Christmas gifts with Luke:2 verses
  • Tip the servants of your community generously this Christmas season ~
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The most important thing your group can do: Pray!

This could (and should) be listed in every step. We know our project is about so much more than selling shirts. We truly trust and depend on the Holy Spirit’s lead as we encourage and equip Christians to wear these shirts and start conversations. Pray that through the simple act of wearing this Gear, that God would open doors for conversation and encouragement.

Here are some other ideas for group leaders:

  • Encourage your church or group’s leaders to help promote the campaign and Brite Friday by wearing Luke2 Gear on the Fridays leading up to Brite Friday
  • Display a Luke2 Gear “Pop-Up” station after Church services in November where you can talk to people about the campaign, place orders and/or distribute gear
  • Coordinate all campaign participants to wear their gear wherever and whenever they can, but especially on Brite Friday
  • Encourage participants to take photos in their gear and post them on social media platforms (Don’t forget to tag us!)
  • Coordinate a community service event with all participants wearing Luke2 Gear
  • Luke2 Sunday – the Sunday before Christmas, encourage members to wear Luke2 Gear to service and then out into the community

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