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Let’s kick the Christmas season off right by turning black Friday Brite.

Why Brite Friday?

It’s a great day to shine a light when so many are hyper-focused on consumerism, watching the ‘big game,’ and overspending on their credit cards. Brite Friday is our biggest one-day event which we hope will call attention to the true meaning of Christmas when our culture puts such an emphasis on commercialism.

Our goal on Brite Friday is to encourage as many people as possible to wear their Luke2Project shirt at the most popular public square closest to their church – such as a plaza, shopping mall, superstore, etc. Hopefully, by wearing a Luke2Project shirt, it will help spark conversations with people while promoting the true reason for the season. We pray that our combined efforts on Brite Friday will help shift the focus from consumerism to Christ.

When is Brite Friday?

Brite Friday takes place annually the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday).

How to get involved?

Campaign Bulk Orders

Participating churches, schools, or organizations can place bulk orders for Luke2Project gear by early October. You can begin the process by emailing our RPLV account executive Jennifer Dillon to place your order at

Purchase Luke2Project Gear

It’s as simple as wearing your Luke2Project shirt on Brite Friday. If you are the campaign planner for your group or church, this day represents the beginning of the campaign which will last until the end of December.

Other ways to participate

  • Start early: promote Brite Friday by wearing your Luke2 Gear on Fridays leading up to Brite Friday
  • Talk to others about the campaign and how they can be involved
  • Set up a Luke2Project gear “Pop-Up” station after church services in November where you can distribute shirts to your group or church and explain the goals of the campaign
  • Take pictures and post them on social media (Don’t forget to tag us!)

The heart behind BRITE Friday

(this can also be used as a devotional for your group or campaign)

Christmas truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year. For many, there are warm parties, cozy homes, fond traditions to celebrate, and gifts to be shared. It’s a joyous time of celebration.

However, sometimes we get lost in the season and forget the true reason for celebration. The “reason for the season” is supposed to be Jesus, not gifts, not parties, and not watching the big game.

Of course, having celebrations, attending parties, and watching the big game are not wrong. It’s just that the meaning of Christmas is supposed to be the recognition and appreciation of the birth of the one who loves us and died in our place.

Black Friday might seem like a harmless holiday to kick off the Christmas-buying season, but its undertones go against what God wants for us. The Christ of Christmas puts to death the greed and consumerism that so easily entangles us this time of year.

Black Friday shopping doesn’t have to be all about greed and consumerism. It doesn’t have to be about excessive spending and fights with people over the last flat screen television. It can be a time for Christians to live differently than the world around them—to be in the world and not of it. And on a day that is so often overshadowed by the sins that so easily entangle all of us, that could be good news this holiday season.

On Black Friday, we should continue our Thanksgiving in the sense of truly giving thanks to God for the possessions we already have, not to mention the families, relationships, and all of the other blessings we continually enjoy in our lives. The commencement of the Christmas shopping season overshadows the commencement of a far quieter season.


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